YeeHo! Why keep on keepin on? GangstaGrass

So fine. Not everyday you stumble on a CD with every track just too sizzling sweet.

Gangstagrass: a prime new mashup of hillbilly twanging beats and some of the finest voices of gangsta rap's homies and hos. One listen gives visions of grinning gangsta kids stomping with a gaggle o' good ol' boys. Guffaws galore.

And, if the mashup's producer Rench doesn't do a Gangstagrass vidi for Obama, there just ain't no justice in the world.

At time of writing, the band's website was 503'd (Service temporarily unavailable), apparently overloaded by just Boing Boing's mini-review and the news just hit Digg, so get a Bittorrent client and go to Pirate Bay for the whole 22-song album, as free mp3s, plus cover art and songs-artists list.

Look, call for more Gangstagrass. This is the best of the future you'll get.

Update-AD.2008.May.12.Mon.07h57.ICT: The lyrics rock, too -- and pleasantly remind of:
    My name is Eugene Debs Hartke, and I was born in 1940. I was named at the behest of my maternal grandfather, Benjamin Wills, who was a Socialist and an Atheist, and nothing but a groundskeeper at Butler University, in Indianapolis, Indiana, in honor of Eu­gene Debs of Terre Haute, Indiana. Debs was a Social­ist and a Pacifist and a Labor Organizer who ran several times for the Presidency of the United States of Amer­ica, and got more votes than has any other candidate nominated by a third party in the history of this country. Debs died in 1926, when I was a negative 14 years of age.

    The year is 2001 now. If all had gone the way a lot of people thought it would, Jesus Christ would have been among us again, and the American flag would have been planted on Venus and Mars. No such luck!

    At least the World will end, an event anticipated with great joy by many. It will end very soon, but not in the year 2000, which has come and gone. From that I conclude that God Almighty is not heavily into Numerology.

    Grandfather Benjamin Wills died in 1948, when I was a pIus 8 years of age, but not before he made sure that I knew by heart the most famous words uttered by Debs, which are:

      While there is a lower class I am in it.
      While there is a criminal element I am of it.
      While there is a soul in prison I am not free.

    -- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, Hocus Pocus, 1990

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SCRAPs, AD.2008.05.01.ICT - EDT Liberation Day & Labor Day ADdendum

Evacuation of Saigon from US Embassy Rooftop, 1975.04.30

You have just won an appointment to the United States Military Academy," he said. "I've got a son I can be proud of now."

Seventeen years later, in 1975, I was a Lieutenant Colonel on the roof of the American Embassy in Sai­gon, keeping everybody but Americans off helicopters that were ferrying badly rattled people out to ships offshore. We had lost a war!


-- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, Hocus Pocus, 1990

Today, to 10:59(AM).ICT is still within the 33rd anniversary of Saigon's Liberation Day, at AD.1975.Apr.30.23:59.EDT (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC/GMT-4). Being of two timezones is still confusing even after 18 years of it.

English online press coverage of the event finally caught up outside Vietnam, but the RAPs were still few and far between. By 10:59.ICT (23:59.EDT) today, Google News had about 128 reports for "Saigon Fall", down from 12 hours ago, but more of the RAPs were relevant. "Saigon Liberation" mustered 45 RAPs, up by five but also with more relevent RAPs.

And thus ends Liberation Day and liberation from this blog and its obsessive, economically suicidal Web SCRAPing.

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Yet again, enough's enough. Time to get out.

The Pic

From one of the Web pages SCRAP'd, BeLow. Paranthropus boisei, an early
branch of the human family tree, from Counterintuitive Evolutionary Lesson of
the Nutcracker Man | Wired.com

NotIons from the NotAbles


SCRAPs, AD.2008.04.30.ICT - Liberation Day, Saigon

While re-synthesizing the LSD, he accidentally ingested a small sample (through his fingertips) [3] and serendipitously discovered its powerful effects. Three days later, on April 19, Hofmann deliberately consumed 250 micrograms of LSD before his bicycle ride home. This was followed by a series of self-experiments conducted by Hofmann and his colleagues. He first wrote about these experiments on April 22 of that year.


In December 2007, Swiss medical authorities permitted a psychotherapist to perform psychotherapeutical experiments with patients who suffer from terminal stage cancer and other deadly diseases. Although not yet started, these experiments will represent the first study of the therapeutic effects of LSD on humans in 35 years, as other studies have focused on the drug's effects on consciousness and body. Hofmann supported the study, and continued to believe in the therapeutic benefits of LSD.

-- From Wikipedia page for Albert Hofmann, 2008.04.30

Never thought much about the old inventor of "acid" (LSD), but it seems most of the media i monitor is eulogizing Albert Hofmann's "final trip" today. The "real" acid i remember back in the '70s was pretty scary stuff. I can't say i regret having tried it -- just the social consequences of tripping out among folks who aren't, and who have no idea why you're acting so nuts. Inevitable conclusion: go directly to nut-house; do not pass "Go". Somewhat surprisingly, Hofmann lived to be an apparently happy 102, even after what must have been some of the best acid trips known to man.

But today is also the 33rd anniversary of Liberation Day for Saigon -- what folks outside Vietnam (US Vietnamese mostly, it seems) call the "Fall of Saigon" -- AD.1975.Apr.30.ICT, the day Vietnamese forces took back Saigon and the US choppered the last of its official forces and government staff out to ships offshore, tails twixt legs.

Before heading home, of course, the US dumped more bombs and chemicals on Vietnam than were dropped on all of Europe over all of World War II.

Interestingly, for this sot at least, the English online press coverage of the event, both inside Vietnam and abroad, is virtually nada so far. Most news about Vietnam today was still fixated on the happy ending for the Olympic torch relay here and Vietnam's ending its US adoption program over US reports of baby sales.

By 21:00 today, in Vietnam, only the "organ" of HCMC Communist Party, Saigon Liberation (Sài gòn Giải phóng), had even mentioned Liberation Day on its Web front page. Not a word was to be seen on the Web fronts of the Viet Nam News Agency, VietnamNet or Thanh Nien (Youth) Daily.

Google news had about 140 reports for "Saigon Fall" and 40 for "Saigon Liberation", most not relevant -- which doesn't seem to bode very well for Vietnam's English-language "propaganda" efforts, as the Vietnamese media still call those efforts themselves.

Still, it's Liberation Day for yours truly at least, liberation from this blog and this obsessive Web RAP SCRAPing. Today, some 22,538 unique Web SCRAPs have been saved to disk since March 2007. That's enough. It's time to get out a bit more.

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The Pic

From one of the Web pages SCRAP'd, BeLow. The Taj Mahal, No. 7 in
concierge.com's Top 12 of TRAVEL'S MOST ENDANGERED PLACES

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SCRAPs, AD.2008.04.29.ICT - EcoBuddhism?

As I filed out with the excited, chattering, and very young crowd, I felt the kind of heart-stopping pity that makes it hard for me to be hard on my students. After all, I’m not going to be around for that much longer. But these bright young beings, full of energy—do they think they can inherit the economy, but not the earth?

-- Wendi Adamek, of Columbia's Green Tara Dialogues, in The 'Economics of Climate Change' Koan, 2007.Jun.10

This day in IndoChina, the "NotAble NotIons" section evolved into "NotIons from the NotAbles", since it usually includes the most interesting, amusing or frightening SCRAPs from the most authoritative sources of the day. The "Pic" section became "The Pic".

And... the Climate Cull continues: more epidemic fears, more oil-addiction cold turkey, rich humans fearing they too may face feed shortages, more Asian rain-forest slashing for feeding more humans, another earthquake, in Okinawa this time, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Concurrently, humanity's over-stuffed, affluent oldies have been offered new software to counter senility. Canada's conservatives are outed on their attempt to sabotage the Obamanon. Iraqi children weep over Saddam Hussein's birthday. And Chinese kids are sold into slavery "like cabbages".

On the lighter side, there may have been "Crystal Meth[od]" in the madness of CNN's Richard Quest -- when he tied his balls to his neck with a friend in New York's Central Park. "Real" solutions to the Climate Cull are proposed. Buddhism has some suggestions, too. The Worldometer puts "real-time" stats online so we can all supposedly gauge global hope versus despair, whenever we want. Canadian strip club polecats complain they're losing work to Net porn. And the Stitch n' Bitch appears! (See knithappens.com ;))

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The Pic
EcoBuddhism web site
From one of the Web pages SCRAP'd, BeLow

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SCRAPs, AD.2008.04.28.ICT - Climate Cull

Set factories afire at last! Make a little room on the crippled earth! Depopulate it so that the grass may grow again, and woods, meadows, heather, stream and moor return to this world of dust and concrete.

-- Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf, 1929

Today, more from the many too many of us folks worldwide, all now facing petro-consumer cold turkey, environmental rejection and our own imminent culling by climate. Today we're mulling North American water wars, more food shortages, delusions of religion and toxic trash islands at sea bigger than Texas. On the lighter side, there was more mumbling over decriminalizing the Bud and more eroticomic "Unmotivational Posters" went online to spice up one's day.

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