SCRAPs (Saved Copies of Reports, Analyses & Presentations)

+ Now that we're up-to-date, we're switching to daily SCRAPs postings. Again, this may not last long. Resources are getting scarce.
+ All SCRAPs listed here represent the varying interests and energy levels of this blog's author alone, as fed by his daily Internet news and news-feeds obsession, since AD.2007.Mar.01.Thu.09:33:39.ICT.
+ The time-stamp preceding each web page's title is in the format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS. For example, the SCRAP preceded by the timestamp "20070305093339" was saved at AD.2007.Mar.01.Thu.09:33:39.ICT. "ICT" is IndoChina Time, the UTC/GMT+7 timezone.
+ For speed and consistency's sake, all SCRAPs listed were saved to disk using the ScrapBook extension for the Firefox web browser. The remaining 19,939 SCRAPs were then compiled into monthly web pages. Most of the work was done using small Free(d) GNU BASH/sed/grep text-processing programs under Ubuntu Linux 7.04, "Feisty Fawn". No proprietary software was used.
+ Copies of original reports saved to disk available upon request. It would be too expensive to mirror them all online.

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