SCRAPs, AD.2008.04.21.ICT

Saved Copies of Reports, Articles & Presentations (SCRAPs), AD.2008.Apr.21.Mon.ICT
-- One day before the 4/22 Earth Day,
one after 4/20 (yeah)

Now: 21,480 RAPs linked to this blog's front page to date, and it still loaded from scratch in just under 33 seconds today, in now late night [Tp] HCM City (ex/or Saigon), Vietnam [Việt Nam].

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Yet again, i won't pretend to be hyped enough to sum up what's behind today's top online headlines for you. Just save, copy or click them yourself.

But i'll add again that the 21,000+ SCRAPs listed and linked on the home page were all consistently saved to disk over the last year-plus. Their original contents (less javascript) are recoverable from local directories on the Ubuntu Linux box on which they were saved, "madm@vice-h0:~/public_html/scrapbook/data/YYYYMMDDHHMMSS/". (Email this blog's author if you want some SCRAPs' original versions.)

The variable directory in capitals represents the time a copy of the "original" RAP was saved to disk, as listed hereon. (See BeLow). For example, the first SCRAP listed next was saved at "20080421210650" or AD.2008.Apr.21.Mon.21:06:50.ICT, where ICT means IndoChina Time (GMT/UTC+7) and AD indicates the solar calendar and yours truly, [Mặc] AD Marshall.

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