Nine-Year-Old Canadian Boy Pleads For Help from Texas Detention Center

Family in limbo after unscheduled stop in Puerto Rico, by UNNATI GANDHI

AUSTIN, TEX. — Even if you try to look past the eight-metre-high
chain-link fence, beyond the scores of uniformed guards patrolling the
perimeter and away from the cameras, metal detectors and lasers, there
isn't the slightest evidence of children inside the T. Don Hutto Family
Detention Center.

No one is playing outside; there are no sounds of laughter.

But inside the thick, whitewashed walls of this former maximum-security
prison in the heart of Texas are about 170 children — including a
nine-year-old Canadian boy named Kevin.

Call it international limbo. Detained by U.S. Customs officials after
their flight to Toronto made an unscheduled stop on American soil
nearly four weeks ago, Kevin and his Iranian parents, Majid and
Masomeh, feel they are being held hostage not only by the physical
parameters of Hutto, but by the politics of nationality.

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