SCRAPs, AD.2007.05.01-05.ICT

SCRAPs (Saved Copies of Reports, Analyses & Presentations)
Beginning and End Days of 2007.May.01-15 ICT (IndoChina Time)

+ Distractions again apparently prevailed: only four RAPs here. If i remember correctly, i was being divorced and keeping my mind off that and too many other personal problems via Buddhist meditation, pondering the Death of God, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, and cruising around Saigon on the Dream II (tm, Honda) snapping pix by the hundreds per week with the good ol' Sony Erickson 750i -- which is still providing loads of good entertainment, communications and information value.  A fashion victim i am not.
+ ICT time of saving to disk precedes each web page's title, in format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.
+ Copies of original reports saved to disk available upon request. Too many RAPs on the Web either vanish or get revised with little more than the Internet Archives' Wayback Machine to preserve them for those who'd like to see "the original, please".

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