SCRAPs, AD.2007.05.25-31.ICT

SCRAPs (Saved Copies of Reports, Analyses & Presentations)
Week of 2007.May.18-25 ICT (IndoChina Time)

+ Getting back up to speed and back into old interests, Vietnam, Free/Libre & Open-source (FLO) information tech/systems (IT/IS) -- FLO IT/IS! -- the culture and economics of FLO systems and communities, women/femininity and old political ideals. I discover the Lazy Boy and, later, Barack Obama, while searching for info on Emilio Estevez' inspirational film "Bobby" (Kennedy). Interest in the Buddhist Dharma fades -- as i started falling back to feeling It is All still best explained by the Tao and Economics.
+ ICT time of saving to disk precedes each web page's title, in format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.
+ Copies of original reports saved to disk available upon request.

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