WWEeeeee! Nostalgi Meets the Here & Now, Boys, Here & Now....

WWEeeee?!? Wild Wild East in Saigon?!? Talk about touching a nerve! Listen up, folks!

DEC (David Everitt-Carlson) is doing "Dailies" here in sunny SighGone. Dare i blurt a hallelujah?!? Another gonzo journo fan(atic) -- albeit one eloquent and an adland and online vidi artiste, too -- have actually hit the ground in our edutainment-deprived adoptive Ho'town?

It does indeed look to be so, fellow hoz. DEC gives good EXPLICIT mention to HST, Hisself.

I'll not dally more in feeble tries to tell WEE Dailies' tale. In his own words:

The "Wild Wild East" is a memoir of my ten years marketing in Asia“ you'll find a link in the sidebar. But somewhere along the line you're going to ask, "Hey, what happens in the end?" And of course, that is a trade secret, but to help you all along, here's a daily blog of basically what I'm doing now. You can have all the fun you want filling in the blanks between "then" and "now". ©2008 David.E.Carlson@gmail.com

Email up front! Yo... Good bio brevity, too:

About DEC

My Photo

David Everitt-Carlson,
HCMC, Vietnam,Independent writer and
Brand Provocateur living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
-- that's Saigon for the old schoolers.

And -- personal peeve -- he even had the balls to go with a black background, ie, far, far fewer pixels turned on, and burning your eyeballs out ;)).

I still prefer Saigon, or SighGone. Guess that makes me old-schooler. Dang... So dying b4 i old. The memories WWE revive make fogey-status indubitable now. Dang, dang, dang...


To torch a few cobwebs for any of the other oldies about, who might've actually forgotten watching this way2cool TV show way back when -- and, frighteningly, maybe even before the star of Wild Wild West, the feature-lenth flick, Will Smith (huzzah), was but a twinkle in his old man's eye:

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