SCRAPs, AD.2008.04.19.ICT

Saved Copies of Reports, Analyses & Presentations (SCRAPs), AD.2008.Apr.19.Sat.ICT
-- 21,289 RAPs linked to on this blog's front page to date. And it still loaded from scratch in just over 65 seconds today in less-than-sunny Saigon.

Pic of the Day

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CNN's Richard Quest takes the cake today with his bust for loitering in New York City's Central Park with another man, a baggy of meth in his pocket, which he confessed to the arresting officer, and a rope tied round his neck and genitals.

Whether Quest will be able to exploit this media sensation for a cozy retirement-padding career move or not remains to be seen.

From BeLow -- noting the HuffPo again scooped this one via RSS feed:

Today's SCRAPs, including the Adventuresome Quest

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