SCRAPs, AD.2008.04.18.ICT - Can't Touch This - The End?

Saved Copies of Reports, Analyses & Presentations (SCRAPs), AD.2008.Apr.18.Fri.ICT
-- 21,177 RAPs linked to on this blog's front page to date, and it still loaded from scratch in just over 72 seconds in freakin' Saigon.

Pic of the Day

From one of the web pages listed next

Today's blowout listing of almost 900 RSS headlines in Google Reader almost made continuing this project worthwhile. The most interesting ones are listed next.

But it's the 18th in the 4th solar month and 13th of the third lunar month and 900 a day is something i just don't want to see. Can't do this every day for yet another year... Nah... No way...

Still if it was only for this video, today's eXperience was well worth it in itself. Yo, Hill'y, McCrinkled! Can't touch this. F
rom Bill3948 on YouTube:

Huzzahs to the HuffPo for breaking this first, yet again. See BeLow, or click next:

SCRAPs, AD.2008.04.18/13.ICT

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