SCRAPs, AD.2008.04.22.ICT - Earth Day

Saved Copies of Reports, Articles & Presentations (SCRAPs), AD.2008.Apr.22.Tue.ICT
-- 4/22 Earth Day,
and two days after 4/20 (eh)

Today: Earth Day AD.2008.04.22.ICT, more on CNN's Richard Quest(ionable ;)), Iraq, US Presidential politics, global food crisis,
cannabis, Canada, Linux, Vietnam, Saigon and a few bleeding-edge sci-tech, biz, Internet and just generally amusing new RAPs, plus a fantabulously hip Hindi dance vidi, the Oneness Temple Dance. See BeLow "ToDay's Pix".

Now: Over 21,500 SCRAPs from the last year-plus, since March 2007, linked from this blog, almost 4Mb-worth as a single page. See front page... Wait, what? That just got stopped. The front page now just shows the latest week's posts. (Still, the full 4Mb-worth again just loaded from scratch in just under 53 seconds today, in what's now late night [Tp] HCM City (ex/or Saigon), Vietnam [Việt Nam].)

ToDay's Pix

From one of the web pages listed next

Some Earth Day 2008/4/22 SCRAPs from today's full list (BeLow):
Another Vidi Very Much Worth Embedding:
The Oneness Temple Dance
From Global Oneness

ToDay's SCRAPs

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