SCRAPs-2008.04.11 - On the Day God Died

SCRAPs (Saved Copies of Reports, Analyses & Presentations)

God passed away this day last year. Kurt Vonnegut, rest in peace, up in Heaven.

This collection of SCRAPs is in commemoration of Vonnegut, who wrote of a report about a peculiar limit facing writers for television comedians today, "If a joke was about something that hadn't been on TV for a month or more, the watchers wouldn't have a clue, even though the laugh track was laughing, as to what they themselves were supposed to laugh about. Guess what? TV is an eraser."

Vonnegut likely would have disapproved of my obsession with what's being covered across the Internet each day. He avoided computers and once said online communities produce nothing (significant).

But, guess what, Kurt, if you thought TV is and eraser, you should see what skimming over 500 RSS news-feed post per day does to your attention span and memory of even the most memorable events of just the day before. If TV is an eraser, the Internet is an endless enema, an ongoing flush of one's mind with endless newer titles attached to RAPs (reports, analyses and presentations), most never read. As the LazyBoy rapped it, "We Only Read the Headlines".

On the other hand, dear God, computers and the Net can also be used to find, recover and review the RAPs we've been teased with, if they still exist unchanged somewhere, and they often don't.

The 20,149 more or less unique SCRAPs listed on this blog, to date, represent a quixotic commemorative attempt to supplement at least one mind, mine, with a rapidly recoverable repository of the issues that caught my attention over the last 360-plus days.

All SCRAPs listed here represent the varying interests and energy levels of this blog's author alone, as fed by his daily Internet news and news-feeds obsession, since AD.2007.Mar.01.Thu.09:33:39.ICT. "ICT" is IndoChina Time, the UTC/GMT+7 timezone.

The time-stamp preceding each web page's title is in the format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS. For example, the SCRAP preceded by the timestamp "20070305093339" was saved at AD.2007.Mar.01.Thu.09:33:39.ICT. "ICT" is IndoChina Time, the UTC/GMT+7 timezone..

For more information on how these SCRAPs were selected, harvested, filtered and posted, see SCRAPs, 2008.04.06-09.

Copies of original reports saved to disk available upon request. It would be too expensive to mirror them all online.

SCRAPs, AD.2008.Apr.11.Fri.ICT

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