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Pic of the Day

From one of the web pages listed next.

Today had its amusing moments, indubitably. Today's Pic of the Day is for a BBC report about some researchers' confidence in their discovery that giving the ol' dolphin a
floggin' is a can reduce prostrate cancer in men. That's, "Masturbation 'cuts cancer risk'". See BeLow.

Three of the big-four state-run English-language online news sites are reporting New7Wonders.com on-line vote has pulled the last of Vietnam's much (locally) ballyhooed entrants from their competition, purportedly due to continued brazen content-ripping from the N7W web site by the fourth of the big-four VN-English dailies, Thanh Nien (Youth), and a few other government-sponsored sites.

The pages not found at the end (ie, top) of today's SCRAPs mark the formerly infringing web pages of the Vietnam post office's eDirectory (Dial 1080) and the state's second biggest-circulation English-language daily, Thanh Nien (Young People). Those two pages, along with two others yet to go 404 (AWOL, disappeared)
, purportedly copied images and copy from the N7W site, reported Sai Gon Giai Phong (Saigon Liberation) and, also the post-office's VietnamNet.

Surgeons in the Phillipines reportedly apologize for posting a YouTube vidi of their removing an aerosol can inserted into the butt of a man who insulted the gay prostitute who embedded it there.

Rolling Stones gonzo guitarist 'Kief' Richards flips again and tells the press he really snort his father's ashes -- with or without coke remains in question.

Gotta go. More serious stuff includes Vietnam cluing in a bit more on the dangers of global warming and running stock markets without adequately free, transparent and comprehensive legal and financial infrastructures, the e-spionage threat, "green" TV's growing global popularity, relaxing "Zen" quotes, new online acronyms, France taking on skinny pop-culture ideals in fashion models, actresses, etc, etc, etc.

There's way to much to ponder, much less remember each day!

Ah! But can't forget today's RAP adding to the justification for this Kurt-Vonnegut commemorative SCRAPs4DM archive: the Columbia Journalism Review's When Online Stories "Evolve", which proposes the industry ponder guidelines for informing at least news web-site users when RAPs (reports, analyses or presentations) euphemistically "evolve", ie, change while online. No mention is made of pages the just go 404 by the CJR piece.

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